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Whispered Interpretation

Whisper interpretation or "chuchotage" (the French term)  is when the interpreter translates into a language which the majority of the participants understand by whispering the speech into the ear of the delegate.


Whispered interpretation is used when one or two delegates speak a different language yet the meeting is taking place in one language (French, for example). 


The Interpreter sits beside the delegate or a walk with the delegate in case of site visits and whispers the interpretation during the meeting. It is more of an informal type of language interpretation.


When is whispered Interpretation used?


Whispering interpretation is a technique for choice for:

  • One to one or small group meetings

  • Visitations such as to a factory, to a consultant, a workshop, etc.

  • Business Negotiations

  • Whispered interpretation is used in small meetings and informal dialogues.  


What are the advantages of Whispered Interpretation? 


  • It requires no special equipment, no headphones or microphones.

  • It is informal and convenient.

  • It is helpful when a small number of foreign language speakers need interpretation.

  • It’s ideal where only two languages are being used. 


It is important to say  that the totally exhaustive character and quality of these types of interpretation depend on the speaker's precision and good rhetorical structure. MultiGlossa’s experienced interpreters can handle whispered interpretation at any level of formality. 

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