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RC Group is specialized in professional Financial Translations serving hundreds of institutions, companies and individuals in Cyprus


70-90% of all financial translations are based on formatting countless numbers which usually requires more concentration than the actual translation of the context.


Our team enjoys the company of translators specialized in accounting, auditing, economics and finances and such careful selection of experts is the answer to all worries when it comes to translation of Bank Statements, Financial analyzes, Statistics and all related translations.


Our experience allows us to undertake Financial Translations in the following fields:


• Banking

• Accounting

• Auditing

• Economics

• Analyzes

• Statistics

• and much more.

We have daily experience with translations of:

• Bank Account statements

• Financial Reports

• Audited Accounts

• Transactions and transfers,

• Purchase Agreements, etc.


  • Arabic Translation Services

  • Hebrew Translation Services

  • Amharic Translation Services

  • Tigrinya Translation Services

  • Neo - Aramaic Translation Services

  • Turkish Translation Services

  • Farsi Translation Services

Middle East Languages
  • Chinese Translations Services

  • Japanese Translation Services

  • Hindi Translation Services

  • Vietnamese Translation Services

  • Thai Translation Services

  • Sinhalese Translation Services

  • Punjabi Translations Services

  • Pashto Translation Services

  • Bengali Translation Services

  • Khmer Translation Services

  • Lao Translation Services

  • Malaysian Translations

  • Nepali Translation Services

  • Urdu Translation Services

  • Mongolian Translation Services

  • Korean Translation Services

  • Indonesian Translation Services

  • DzongkhaTranslation Services


  • Russian Translation Services

  • Armenian Translation Services

  • Azerbaijani Translation Services

  • Belorussian Translation Services

  • Georgian Translation Services

  • Kazakhstani Translation Services

  • Kyrgyz Translation Services

  • Moldovan Translation Services

  • Tajik Translation Services

  • Uzbek Translation Services

  • Turkmen Translation Services

  • Ukrainian Translation Services

  • Bulgarian Translation Services

  • Croatian Translation Services

  • Czech Translation Services

  • Danish Translation Services

  • Dutch Translation Services

  • English Translation Services

  • Estonian Translation Services

  • Finnish Translation Services

  • French Translation Services

  • German Translation Services

  • Greek Translation Services

  • Hungarian Translation Services

  • Irish Translation Services

  • Italian Translation Services

  • Latvian Translation Services

  • Lithuanian Translation Services

  • Maltese Translation Services

  • Polish Translation Services

  • Polish Translation Services

  • Portuguese Translation Services

  • Romanian Translation Services

  • Slovak Translation Services

  • Slovene Translation Services

  • Spanish Translation Services

  • Swedish Translation Services


Asian Languages
CIS Languages
European Languages

     Tel.: +357 22 02-96-40

Financial Translations

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