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Liaison Interpretation

Liaison interpretation usually happens during summits between high-level executives or dignitaries. It can also work well in casual business meetings of a small group where there are no more than 2 working languages.


Liaison interpreting involves relaying what is spoken to one, between two, or among many people. This can be done after a short speech, or consecutively, sentence-by-sentence, or as chuckhole (whispering); aside from notes taken at the time, no equipment is used.


It is usually used as a link between two people or  a small group of people who speak different languages. For groups larger than 5 people we recommend selection of simultaneous interpretation in order to avoid chaos. 


Our highly qualified and experienced Interpreters in Cyprus can enrich your meetings in the following combinations:


•  English-Russian-English
•  Greek-Russian-Greek
•  English-Ukrainian-English
•  Greek-Ukrainian-Greek
•  English/Greek-Turkish-Greek/English
•  English - Chinese - English
•  English-Arabic-English
•  English-Farsi-English
•  English-Hindi-English
•  English/Greek - German - Greek/English
•  English/Greek - French - Greek/English
•  English/Greek - Spanish - Greek/English
•  English/Greek - Italian - Greek/English
•  English-Hebrew-English
•  English/Greek-Armenian-English/Greek and many other pairs


We organize world-class Interpretation services in over 50 languages along with the high quality interpretation equipment for any size meeting in Cyprus and the European Union.

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