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Hebrew Translations in Cyprus

Certified Hebrew Translations in Cyprus through the District Court, Notary Public,  Apostile...

RC Group offers professional and certified Hebrew translations in Cyprus!

​When it comes dealing with clients from Israel, you will most certainly need to know some Hebrew! Hebrew is one of the ancient languages that is alive today, being the official language of Israel, it is spoken by over 10 million people throughout the world.​

Our company provides accurate, professional and certified service in translating your documents from Hebrew to English, Greek, Russian and over 75 languages

​We are located in Cyprus, however if you are outside of our territory, we can service you through most popular couriers.

Certified Hebrew Translations

Certification of our translations is made through:

  • District Court of Nicosia

  • Notary Public

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Ministry of Justice 

  • Apostile

  • Notaries in Israel (Upon request)

  • Translation of Corporate Documents

  • Translation of Personal Documents

  • Translation of Utility Bills

  • Translation of KYC documents

  • Translation of Bank Accounts

  • Translation of Contracts

  • Translation of Statements

  • Translation of Power of Attorney

Hebrew Translations
Top Clients
  • Forex Companies

  • Binary Options

  • Insurance Companies

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Developers

  • Law Firms

  • Corporate Service Providers

  • Official Institutions

  • Educational Establishments

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     Tel.: +357 22 02-96-40

Hebrew Translations in Cyprus

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