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Language Courses


We have made it easier for you to become multilingual. Just choose the language and leave the rest to our specialists.

Our courses run from 3 to 12 months, specially designed for busy people! Whether a lawyer, a CEO, an accountant or a student, you have the right to become multilingual!

Surprise your customers by answering them in their own language!

Speak Russian
Russian Language Courses in Nicosia, Cyprus

It is not a secret that Russian is one of the most demanded languages of the modern world.


Our Russian language courses are designed for those who want to be more successful.


You can choose the program which matches your profile the best:

  • General Russian

  • Russian in 3 months

  • Business Russian

  • Russian for Lawyers


All classes are divided within each respective group, which enriches the foundation of each program by giving our learners the chance to communicate with fellow thinkers and like-minds!

Speak Chinese
Chinese Language Courses in Nicosia, Cyprus

Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world with over 1 billion native speakers. It is a fundamental stone in today's global tendency.


  • Chinese are one of the leading investors in Cyprus

  • Chinese is spoken by almost 1.5 billion people

  • With the current economic situation, China's leading popularity, Chinese has become the key element to a great success story wherever you are!


You can join our classes and choose one of these programs


  • Chinese for Beginners

  • Chinese for Business

  • Chinese for Children


The courses run throughout the year. We have specially designed a course for learners who would like to undertake the Chinese Language program running for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

Speak Turkish
Turkish Language Courses in Nicosia, Cyprus

Turkish is one of the official languages of Cyprus. It is widely used in governmental and official institutes and it is spoken by more than 250.000 thousand people island-wide.


Turkish is also a regional key language with over 80 million speakers. Your decision to learn Turkish is highly important since it is necessary to know the language of your neighbor!

You can join any of these programs:


  • General Turkish

  • Turkish for beginners

  • Turkish for Officials


Turkish courses ran throughout the year and can be organized for individuals and groups.

Speak Arabic
Arabic Language Courses in Nicosia, Cyprus

Arabic is one of the ancient languages forming the modern Middle East. It is spoken by more than 300 million people in almost 30 countries.


  • Arabic is the language of the wealthy

  • Arabic is fundamental in building successful career

  • Arabic is an essential part of the Middle East, whether in Lebanon, in Syria, in Dubai or in Morocco, you are better understood in the language of your host!


Arabic for Beginners - a specially designed program targeted to give you a basic yet a profound knowledge of Arabic language.  A program blending oriental elements of the Arabic language and European methodology, giving you the right skills to communicate, understand, read and write.

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