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Speak Greek
Language Courses in Nicosia, Cyprus

Living in Cyprus is easier and it's more fun when you speak Greek.


Our Greek language courses are designed for those who want to localize and expand.


You can join our classes if:

  • You want to learn Greek

  • You live in Cyprus

  • You like souvla

  • You don't like souvla because you are vegitarian

  • You like frappe


All classes are divided within each respective group, which enriches the foundation of each program by giving our learners the chance to communicate with fellow thinkers and like-minds!

Greek Language Courses


If you live in Cyprus, you probability know that Greek is an official language of Cyprus spoken by most locals.

Imagine speaking a Biblical language, imagine thinking like philosophers, imagine touching democracy...this is Greek, the language of Cyprus.

We have made it easier for you to learn Greek. Join our courses and leave the rest to our Trainer.

Our courses run for 4 month and are specially designed for busy people! Whether a tourist, a lawyer, an accountant or a Cypriot, you are more than welcome to join our groups and learn Greek!

Join our Greek language classes to enrich your world with the power of language.

     Tel.: +357 22 02-96-40

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