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Legal Consulting
Translation Consulting

You have questions? We have the answers!


If you need to take your business a step further, you need to go global! Follow Christopher Columbus, discover new opportunities!


RC Group will assist you in making decisions before spending money on translation. We can study, analyze and consult you whether or not you should take a step and translate your website, document or book!

RC Group, in association with leading advocates and lawyers is empowered with the latest amendments to laws and regulations in Europe, Russia and CIS.


With offices in Cyprus, Russia, Malta and Luxembourg you can feel confident with us wherever you go!


We are available to consult you, protect you and accommodate you with necessary information to make sure you do what's legal!


If you are in search of fruitful education, we can consult you to make a decision.


We also have our own training centers in Cyprus, where you can meet alikes and develop your skills by training your mind.

RC Group, in cooperation with the The Institute of Management Systems is specialized in quality management and implementation.


We recommend implementation of ISO standards to build a successful business based on internationally recognized and honored quality.


Educational Consulting
ISO Consulting

Professional Consulting


RC Group is your partner when it comes to solutions. We hear, note and give you the right idea for the solution of your issue. Whether it is a legal, an administrative or a quality implementation, you need consultants!

     Tel.: +357 22 02-96-40

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