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RC Group, along with its experts and specialists organizes professional trainings for individuals and organizations.


We are privileged to maintain our own training centers and facilities in Cyprus, giving a larger meaning to the personal development of our students. Whether it is a language you want to learn or a specialization you want to develop, RC Group is your partner!


Languages - It is your right to be multilingual!



RC Group organizes  language trainings for individuals, professionals and organizations who want to develop their linguistic skills and learn a new language.


We are specialized in tutoring Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic and other languages to individuals and groups, students and teachers, managers and executives as well as lawyers and doctors.


Our specialists have developed methodologies to help you communicate in a new language within 3 month without much burden. With spending just 1 hour a day 3 times a week you can communicate with your customers from Chinese or Russia, you can find a better job or you can even teach your friends!


We offer modern facilities in an excellent and convenient location in Nicosia.


Our courses can also be provided in-house.


Lifelong learning



RC Group with its partners at The Institute of Management Systems of Cyprus organized lifelong learning programs for everyone who wishes to develop their managerial and auditing skills.


The Institute of Management Systems of Cyprus is a unique institute of its kind, which has introduced IRCA programs to Cyprus.


IRCA - International Register of Certificated Auditors


OHSAS 18001 - Lead Auditor Certificate

ISO 9001 - Lead Auditor Certificate


Trainings can be organized in Greek, English and Russian for individuals and groups.


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