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Corporate Services and Translations




Bank accounts, offshore companies, company formation, accounting and tax…sounds complicated, doesn’t it? We can simplify the sight by uniting these terms under one umbrella: Corporate Services.  A sphere of service that has deeply rooted in Cyprus and has turned into a local brand.


You need income? You need knowledge! Corporate knowledge! Well may be knowledge of Russian language is an advantage and it surly is, with the clock ticking in favor of globalization, language is indeed a valuable key for many successors in the market. 


Corporate services exist since the days of Babel Tower, people needed to trade, people needed instruments to construct, money to circulate, power to administrate until their languages were mixed and they ceased to understand one another…cooperation was replaced with interpretation and translation.


Traditions live to this day.


Successful business is based on multilingualism, otherwise how would you explain the reaction of your Chinese client if you answer his questions in Greek.




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